It takes a lot of work through out the year to plan our Bonfire event and ensure that Society has the funds to be able to afford the fireworks event here in Lindfield.

We have to have properly qualified first aid staff, marshals and let us not forget the all important qualified pyrotechnicians without whom there would be no fireworks! We thank them all one and all!

This is a list of the people who put in a MASSIVE amounts of time and effort to make sure it happens.


Alison Eggert-Hobbs & Martin Durrant


Mr Ian Thomas, Mr Howard Collins, Mr John & Mrs Sally Cottenham

Hon Life Members

Mrs J Anscombe, Mrs B Beecham, Mr P Cummins, Mr J Drew, Mr I Furnell, Mrs C Furnell, Mr J Furnell, Miss S Furnell, Mrs E Honeysett, Mr P Kemp, Mr B King, Mr J King, Mrs S Lucas, Mrs J Mitchell, Mrs V Read, Mr D Room, Mr A Underwood

Hon Vice Presidents

Mrs S Blunden, Mr T Clements, Mr & Mrs H Collins, Mr D Diebelius, Mrs A Eggert-Hobbs, Mr K Frost, Mr D Gander, Mrs S Hobbs, Mr P Holder, Mr N McNally, Mr A MacKenzie, Mr D MacMillan, Mrs G MacMillan, Mr I Masters, Mrs S Masters, Mrs G Neve, Mr M Nickson, Mrs & Mrs D Riddle, Mrs A Seaward, Mrs B. Smith, Mr K Smith, Mr P Smith, Mr I Thomas, Mr & Mrs C Vinall

The Committee

Chairman – Darren Lucas

Vice Chairman – Mark Tampion-Lacey

Honorary Treasurer – Tracey Webster

Honorary Secretary – Lorraine Carroll

Minutes Secretary – Stewart Rose

Membership Secretary – Mike Webster

Logistics Secretary – Matt Wilcock

Events Co-ordinator – Sarah Tampion-Lacey

Assistant Events Co-ordinators – Charlotte Drew & Ella Maynard

Fireworks Captain – Charlotte Drew

Vice fireworks Captains – John Drew & Mel Maynard

Bonfire Captain – Mr Richard Newman

Press Secretary – Mr Stewart Rose

Other Committee members – Stuart Bevan, Wendy Box, Wilson Forsythe,  Dave Hawk, Charlotte Williams

Bonfire Night-specific Roles

Harbour Master – David Riddle

Bonfire Bishop – Ian Newman

Procession Captain – Matt Wilcock

Captain of Barrels – Chris Gasson

Captain of Buckets – TBA

Captain of Ranks – Mike Webster

Captain of Torches – TBA

Captain of Set Pieces – Darren Lucas

LBS Pyrotechnicians – John Drew, Mel Maynard, Charlotte Drew

Last updated May 2022