Friends of LBS

Thank You for becoming a supporter of Lindfield Bonfire Society (Friends of LBS).

Friends of LBS (new in 2020) is designed for people who wish to support Lindfield Bonfire Society in carrying on the Sussex Tradition of Bonfire and more specifically bring it to Lindfield Village every November 5th. Your friendship will mean your donation will be put directly towards the Lindfield event and help pay for costs of the evening, be it safety training/fireworks /security/first aid/Health and Safety etc.

Donations are important to us as we have to raise the event funds each year, many people don’t know that the majority of the money collected on the Day of November 5th goes to our nominated charities, not to LBS.  As a Friend of LBS as opposed to a Full Member there are no expectations of involvement in any way (hence it is slightly cheaper due to not requiring insurance etc), we just thank you for helping us. In return you will receive our Newsletters and information on fundraising events.  As a friend, you will be offered free entry to some of our events; you will be notified of these via email.


Friends of LBS subscription is £7.50 annually