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LBS had the honour today of laying a wreath along with other community organisations at Lindfield’s war memorial. #remember lindfield_bs photo
Had a great night last night in Rye for its bonfire celebrations. Thanks to @RyeBonfire for inviting us and staging a great event. PS the fire was very very hot!! lindfield_bs photo
LBS are out and about in Rye today for their bonfire. Looking forward to it! #bonfire lindfield_bs photo
(1/2) We are delighted to announce that the winners of the 2021 garden Guy Contest are the Chester Family at By Sunte, the Entice Family at Pondcroft and the Green Family at Finches Gardens. lindfield_bs photo
Thank you to Archers waste management who stepped in and provided us with our lastminute rubbish solution. If you need waste removal please consider them! #brilliant lindfield_bs photo