Lindfield Bonfire Society are pleased to launch year three of their Front Garden Guy Competition for fun and guy building in 2022.

Please build a Guy and display him in your front garden or front window in Lindfield. Please register that you are building one by 16th October 2022 by emailing the LBS Members Secretary (who runs this LBS event) on with your name and address.

Your guy needs to be on display from the 22th October in order that he can be judged. There will be some small prizes for the Top 3 Guys and additional prizes for :
– The Most Creative
– The most humorous (one that made us laugh)
– Best Commercial Display (Lindfield Shops and Businesses)

We will make a ‘Map of The Guys’ available from the High Street on the 23th October of all that are registered so there can be some half term ‘Guy Hunting’. Maps will also be available from Happy Feet and from our website where you will be able to download one for a donation.

On the 31st October please add Halloween bling extras like a Lantern made from a Pumpkin or even better a traditional Turnip/Swede and send us some pictures.

Lastly, make sure he is still up for Bonfire Night and show visitors what a great community we have. Most of all — enjoy yourselves. p.s if you don’t want to enter but you want to still build one…go for it…let’s fill the village with them AGAIN!!! 

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