We are delighted to announce that the details for the 2022 LBS Duck Race is back!

There will be 3 x races which will be available online to view on Saturday 2 July at 2pm

Here are the race details:

Race 1: 100 x ducks which will be available for sale online in our shop and cost £3 each.

Race 2: 100 x ducks which will be available to buy at Lindfield’s Village Day on Saturday 4th June and cost £3 each.

Race 3: The Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Stakes. This is a special race featuring 18 celebratory ducks. These highly prized ducks will also be available for sale online. Ducks for this race cost £10

For races 1 and 2, prize money will be as follows:

1st: £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £5

For the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Stakes it will be:

1st: £25, 2nd £20, 3rd £15

Here’s a link to our trailer:

You can also still view our 2021 race:

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